Welcome to our Library & Learning Center. In this section, you will discover "How to" and "What to do" articles broken out into four basic categories.

Section 1 - Effective Direct Mail Letter Writing and Marketing Techniques
1. How to Utilize the Two Most Important Elements in Your Direct Mail Campaign
2. What are the Four "Musts"
3. What are Key Points to Remember in Writing Your Direct Mail Letter
4. How to Use Your Envelope and Reply Card to SELL!
5. How to Use Non-Standard Mailings to Get Great Response
6. How to Boost the Profitability of Your Mailing
Section 2 - Effective Brochure Writing and Marketing Techniques
1. What to do Before Preparing a Seminar Brochure
2. How to Prepare a Seminar Brochure
3. How to Write a Brochure Copy that Sells
4. How to produce a Direct Mail brochure
5. How to prepare a Direct Mail brochure that sells
Section 3 - Successful Techniques for Direct Mail Marketing
1. Getting a Big Response from What to Consider when doing a Business-to-Business Mailing
2. What Factors to Consider when Obtaining a Mailing List
3. Summary Checklist for Getting Started in the Mail
4. What Factors Increase Your Chances for Direct Mail Success
5. What are Some of the Most Successful Types of Offers
6. What are Proven Response Techniques
Section 4 - General Marketing and Other
1. How to have a Successful Direct Mail Campaign - 99 Tips
2. How to Interpret a Standard Industrial Classification - SIC
3. What should you know before you sit down to write a word of sales copy
4. What to remember when you write
5. How to Promote Meetings and Seminars
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