Our Business Lists help you reach your market segments more effectively and provide you with access to over 12 million business records. These lists are compiled and updated monthly from a number of sources including business credit reports, annual reports, yellow page directories, business and industry directories and phone verification.

Select your data by the following categories:

• SIC Code

• Employee Size or Sales Volume

• Geographic Area

• Type of Business

• Contacts by Job Function and Title of Executive

• Many other selections

• New Businesses

• Professional Specialty

• Franchise and Brand

• Headquarters & Branches

Maxpro Data provides business lists that establish lasting relationships with businesses through powerful business database marketing and Business to Business targeted solutions. Customize your marketing efforts by locating specific companies that are most likely to respond to your offer and increase your sales leads by conducting successful marketing campaigns. Contact your Maxpro Data representative directly, send us a note at contact@maxprodata.com.
Canadian Business List
Our telephone-verified Canadian business list contains information on over 1.2 million Canadian businesses. Over 100,000 Canadian businesses have significant changes within our database every month. Since our file is compiled from multiple sources and telephone-verified on an ongoing basis, you get the most complete and accurate Canadian business list available.

Our Canadian business list is compiled from sources such as telephone directories, annual reports and business directories along with over 1.3 million annual phone calls to verify information.
Our executives mailing list is an unduplicated database of over 30 million executives compiled from over 40 different sources. From Fortune 1,000 headquarters to small and mid-size businesses, this database allows you to reach decision makers from all major ujob functions and industries. When combined with the selection capability of our business mailing list, you get pinpoint accuracy in targeting your most lucrative prospects.
Franchise Businesses
Reach over 200,000 franchise owners with our franchise business list. Selectable by franchise name, our database allows you to refine your marketing message by targeting specific business brands. All records are available with owner's name and telephone number.
High Growth Businesses
Tremendous growth represents unique challenges for business owners that can often be solved only with outside help. Ideal for consulting companies, software suppliers and providers of computer and office equipment, our high growth business list represents over 300,000 of the fastest growing businesses in the nation. Reach these rising stars at a time that they need your products and services the most and then watch your sales soar as their success becomes your success.
Home-Based Businesses
Although home-based businesses constitute one of the large segments of businesses in the country, they're difficult to pinpoint with accuracy. However, home-based businesses are the fastest growing segment of our economy and represent significant potential for many marketers. With over 1 million telephone-verified records, you can rest assured that our home-based business list has the coverage needed to target this highly lucrative and responsive market.
New Business List
Our new business list offers access to recently-opened businesses that are just beginning to form vendor and partner relationships. This data is compiled and verified on a weekly basis, giving you the most recently available data on the market! Accuracy is guaranteed because all new businesses are telephone verified prior to being added to our database. By choosing our automated alert service, each week we'll notify you of the new businesses in your area so you can reach them before your competition does!
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